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Plotter and printer cartridges of all types Discounts up to 40% on list prices

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Stampiamo ALL: We are experts in plotsand photographic reproductions,from the simple business card al poster, from poster at poster, from foldable at brochure more elaborate, or print on panels in forex or on corrugated or still plexiglass . We can print whatever comes to mind in no time, fair price and excellent quality. Hundreds of tons of paper and plastics are processed by our plants every day and dozens of employees processing quotes to satisfy the most varied demands. plottaggi

We are very competitive on standard media formats and standard editions, at the same time we also have great prices on custom furniture according to customer&s requests.
Work with us charts, printers, bookbinders, and specialists in the field, and excellent administrators to ensure each order the utmost professionalism.
Only rule: everything immediatelyreally, this is what we are being asked by our customers, and that&s what we give them, the whole company is managed according to a policy managed in part by Software and partly by analyzing each order for compliance quality, quantity and timing.





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